SPIE 10th International Symposium on Multispectral Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (MIPPR)
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Abstract Submission

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[Notes]You can only select one of the following topics to submit a abstract, and select more than one topic that your abstract submission will be invalid.

  • MIP101 Multispectral Image Acquisition:
  • MIP102 Multispectral Image Processing and Analysis
  • MIP103 Automatic Target Recognition and Navigation:
  • MIP104 Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision:
  • MIP105 Parallel Processing of Images and Optimization Technologies:
  • MIP106 Medical Imaging Processing:
  • MIP107 Remote Sensing Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems:
  • MIP108 Other Applications:
  • Paper Review

    To ensure a high-quality conference, all abstracts and Proceedings of SPIE papers will be reviewed by the peers for technical merit and English expression.

    Publishing Policy

    Manuscript due dates must be strictly observed. Whether the conference volume will be published before or after the meeting, late manuscripts run the risk of not being published in the Proceedings of SPIE. The objective of this policy is to better serve the conference participants and the technical community at large. Your cooperation is appreciated by all.

    Conditions of Acceptance

  • Authors are expected to secure registration fees and travel and accommodation funding, independent of SPIE, through their sponsoring organizations before submitting abstracts.
  • Only original research should be submitted.
  • Commercial papers, descriptions of papers with no research/development content, and papers where supporting data or a technical description cannot be given for proprietary reasons will not be accepted for presentation in this symposium.
  • Abstracts should contain enough detail to clearly convey the approach and the results of the research.
  • Government and company clearance to present and publish should be obtained by authors at the time of submission.

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